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The young indigenous boys sell animalitos fashioned from clay by their mothers. The small baskets they carry, slightly swinging on the crook of their arms, hold a menagerie of thumb-sized, fanciful beasts. Daily they make their rounds in town, playful with each other, hunting out tourists in restaurants and cafes, their sweet eyes savvy.

The shelf in the living room of the casita I have rented here in San Cristobal de las Casas, is already lined with an assortment of animalitos that former guests have been compelled to purchase, only to be left behind. When I look upon them I feel as if I am living within a tiny forest of mythological creatures closely resembling animals I already know... along with a few unaltered ones, like the snake and fish, who in their earthly nature are mystically revered.

I wonder what stories lie behind these animalitos the women make and send out into the world through their gentle, plucky boys. I sense the spirit held in them, the love of whimsy, and the creativity imbued in human survival. Perhaps these animalitos I live with come alive at night to reveal their ancient secrets to the dark while I sleep, dreaming sacred dreams of them.

Original pastel drawings by the artist from Mexico.
All drawings are for sale and matted prints
are available in 4x6 and 8x10 sizes.
Contact Virginia to inquire about size of originals and prices.

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